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ParkerGale is an operationally oriented growth partner, intentionally very selective and intimately involved in every investment. ParkerGale takes majority ownership in profitable lower middle market technology companies. They are passionate about manifesting their tagline to build Products that matter and Cultures that last. Their emphasis on Human Capital has given them a competitive advantage with both founders and limited partners. 

“We view ourselves as leaders in Human Capital in the middle market. We’ll continue to value and diligence this more effectively in future deals. Human Capital is an increasingly important topic in conversations with LPs as well. Our focus in this area gives us an advantage, particularly with institutional and European investors.” – Jimmy

ParkerGale’s operating team gets involved in the diligence process alongside their deal team for a seamless transition and accelerated transformation post close. Their goal is to mobilize the talent, process, and system improvements immediately to maximize value creation. Their operating team is more scalable, and they realize a greater speed to impact due to 29Bison’s thorough human capital assessment. 

“As a former consultant and people leader, I have the expertise to do a large portion of the human capital diligence in-house but with our lean team, also managing the existing portfolio, 29Bison makes us considerably more scalable.” – Jimmy 

ParkerGale has gained significant value from 29Bison’s talent and culture assessments. These reports provide deeper insights into the broader workforce history and sentiment than the deal team may discern from their discussions with the founder alone. ParkerGale is better equipped to tailor their employee communication and approach to convey understanding and empathy, ultimately improving employee satisfaction and retention post close. Building trust and a foundation for partnership from the onset is paramount to their value creation strategy. 

“We are committed to deliver on our promise to the founder to take care of their people. We spend a significant amount of time post close getting to know the team on a personal level, building trust and vulnerability. We’ve come to call it ‘building empathy with a purpose’. We want everything we do to reflect our values and be done in a human centered way. I feel infinitely more equipped to do this after working with 29Bison.” – Jimmy
Chicago, IL
Founded in 2014
Lower Middle-Market
$10-30MM in Revenue
Jimmy Holloran

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