Why an actual bison?

Meet Cupernicus

Cupernicus, our wise and learned copper bison, is something of a prophet.  Having traveled far and wide, he has witnessed his share of boom and bust cycles and proven his resilience.  His experience has taught him to believe firmly in the wisdom of the herd.

He is an accomplished, unbiased listener who opens lines of communication and builds community.  He is persistent and determined, flexible and adaptable, and believes in telling-it-like-it-is.  His strength and presence are reassuring, acting as a coach and mentor to others, blending seamlessly into groups when there is a need. He shares practical, structured approaches and sound guidance for navigating uncharted territory and identifying deep veins of possibility.

From the great gold rush of the past to today’s capital market opportunities, prosperity lies in mining all the elements of success.  An experienced guide makes all the difference.

Cupernicus is our Chief Appreciation Officer and a national treasure. His wit and sage advice are invaluable! We hope you find him as inspirational as we do.

Our Bison Mascot Cupernicus wearing a monocle and smoking a pipe looking left

Our Ethos

As members of this vibrant, cohesive community, under Cupernicus’ watchful eyes:

  • We are solutions architects; we employ practical, impactful approaches to create value
  • We focus on the long-game; respected for charting our clients' best path forward
  • We are unbiased listeners who treasure the wisdom of the herd
  • We are bold truth tellers who act with courage, candor and caring
  • We are nimble, adaptable and willing to meet clients where they are
  • We are insatiably curious; persistent, determined, perpetual learners
  • We are ethical stewards and trusted guides; recognized for going above and beyond

Our Broader Commitments

1% of Annual Net Profit toward People and Planet: Kids, Bees and Bison



of net profits



of net profits



of net profits

Benefiting Organizations

Aligned with the Following UN SDG Goals

Insights from 29Bison

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