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Why 29Bison?

We're Experts in Human Capital

We serve corporate acquirers and middle-market investors, as well as investment banks and sellers seeking to professionalize their organizations and address risks ahead of a transition.

In addition to due diligence, early-investment evaluations, and post-acquisition integration, 29Bison also assists clients in preparing for exits and transformative value-creation initiatives conceived through a human capital lens.

29Bison generates People Alpha - Our mission is to champion the power of people to achieve outsized investment value in middle market mergers and acquisitions. 

The bison is an iconic symbol of strength and resilience. He thrives as part of a cohesive community.
Copper, atomic element 29 of the periodic table, is one of a handful of transition metals – highly
conductive, infinitely recyclable, known for millennia and prized for many purposes. The Copper Bison
inspires us to tap into inherent capabilities, learn from the wisdom of the herd and in the process
unearth the precious elements of success.

Customized Capabilities

Each project is led by a dedicated project director and supported by a carefully curated team of advisors and analysts to meet your individual project needs.  We draw on our own capabilities and those of our select group of partner organizations.

Remote and Reliable

95% of our projects are conducted virtually, using time-tested processes and supportive technologies to speed you toward success.

Seamless Integration

We work with your entire project management team (internal team leads, tax and financial advisors, attorneys, buyers, sellers, brokers, etc.) to ensure a coordinated, efficient process.

29Bison team of trusted human capital advisors

Insights from 29Bison

Get in touch and you'll see that the market is finally catching up to where we've been for years. We're ready to be your strategic human capital consulting partner.

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