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BroadcastMed is an innovative healthcare media company that plans, produces, and promotes healthcare content in the clinical setting using data-driven solutions. Their mission is to engage healthcare constituents and elevate the global dialogue to advance medicine and improve patient outcomes.  

BroadcastMed was founded in 1994 by Ross Joel and Peter Gailey. Ross and Peter partnered with 424 Capital to accelerate the velocity of their growth in 2020. Their growth strategy has included a very active add-on acquisition focus. BroadcastMed was originally introduced to 29BISON by 424 Capital during their diligence process and have continued to partner with them on all add-on acquisitions.  

“Operationally, we can figure it out. The human capital component is the most challenging and disruptive part of an acquisition. I can’t imagine going through the process without 29BISON.” – Ross  
“Their reporting is very comprehensive and detailed. They clearly communicate the risks and opportunities as well as the recommended prioritization. They really give us a roadmap to follow which is extremely helpful.” – Ross  

BroadcastMed has leveraged 29BISON outside of transactions for human capital advisory and guidance. They have seen a significant impact on the culture of their organization and their ability to manage that evolution overtime.  

“In our first integration we discovered the vast difference in cultures and, the true value and need to understand and strategically navigate that.  We can see evidence of 29BISON’s efforts in our success. Their fingerprints are all over our strategy, processes, and results.” – Peter  

Human Capital diligence and expertise will continue to be an integral and core focus for BroadcastMed as they scale.  

“I believe business will always be a people business.” – Peter

Farmington, CT
Founded in 1994
Broadcast Media Production and Distribution
Backed by 424 Capital
Ross Joel
Peter Gailey

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