How We Work

Buy, Sell or Grow.  In every case, we believe that a focus on people enhances investment and business outcomes.  Our approach keeps human capital, your people, top-of-mind.  Real-world experience paired with data driven insights allow us to provide you with expert guidance, comprehensive recommendations, and immediately actionable plans to solve your complex business challenges.

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Identify and Isolate Risk

Your success depends on finding and addressing risks and opportunities.  Buy-side, sell-side or somewhere in between, you need a comprehensive assessment of human capital capabilities. Each project is led by a dedicated project director, supported by a carefully curated team of advisors and analysts to meet your individual project needs.

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Assess Culture & Leadership

Successful transactions and transitions rest on issues of leadership, organizational culture and talent management. Validated assessments, custom designed interview protocols and standardized employee engagement surveys are just a few of the ways we work with you and your team to capture and build upon their voices, talents and unique experiences.

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Integrate Organizations

Our proven experience bringing organizations together speeds your progress toward high-performance, enhanced productivity and sound business practices.

Whether you are at the earliest stage of evaluation; deep in due diligence or well beyond the 'honeymoon' phase, we identify and address integration issues in mergers and acquisitions at every stage.  You will benefit from time-tested integration checklists and innovative value creation approaches.

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People Strategy

Success is unique to each organization, and changes throughout the business lifecycle.  For you, tweaks to processes and procedures may be all it takes.  Or, you many need to implement people metrics, identify high potential talent, or design new compensation and benefit programs. 

Does your growth or post-M&A success rest on a team who fires on all cylinders?  Crossing the finish line takes strategy and execution.  Think of us as your human capital pit crew.  We work with you and your team to conduct the necessary maintenance checks and ensure optimal performance under pressure.  

Case Study

Co-Founder Blues

A specialty-marketing company in the life sciences sector enjoyed a solid brand reputation, marked by high customer satisfaction, strong recurring revenues, and a consistent sales pipeline.

Behind the scenes, the company was beset by a divisive culture in which the three equity partners operating in silos, failed to convey a unified vision or put in place a transparent succession plan. Over time, this led to low employee morale, turnover among key contributors, and three failed attempts to sell the company over a 10-year period.

29Bison was hired to address the cultural issues that were being flagged by prospective buyers as problem areas.

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29Bison Case Study involving strategy, due diligence, post-transaction integration