Learning Management

The 29Bison Learning Library includes curated content libraries covering the core skills and specialty topics organizations need to develop their workforce. This is one of the most affordable learning solutions built specifically for the middle market.

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Our SaaS Learning Platform

Our online training platform contains over 8000+ high-quality, modern video lessons covering topics important to today’s workforce.

It’s fully mobile optimized allowing you to take what you want, when you want it. Topics include Management, Computer Skills, Sales, Compliance, and much more. Upload all of your company’s trainings with our robust built-in LMS.

Business Skills

Provide your modern workforce the training needed to reach their maximum potential. Whether you are focused on re-skilling or up-skilling your people, 29Bison offers content covering the critical business and soft skills every employee needs to be effective in the workplace for both today and tomorrow.

Critical business and soft skills training videos

HR Compliance

Mitigate risk and increase levels of respect and ethical behavior throughout your organization with modern compliance content. Published by industry-leading subject-matter experts, our compliance content educates your workforce on important policies, procedures, and regulations specific to job roles.

Industry leading subject matter expert HR compliance training videos


Digital skills are a must in today’s workforce. When onboarding new employees or onboarding new software, don’t let your organization suffer from lost productivity. Ensure your employees are working as efficiently and effectively within today’s most widely used desktop applications.

Software training videos

Leadership & Management

True leadership is a skill desired by many and mastered by few and poor leadership can be extremely costly to an organization. Ensure your leaders are driving your organization in the right direction with effective new manager and leadership training. Your employees will thank you!

Leadership and management training videos for effective leading

...And so much more!

Workplace Safety, Information Technology, Sales & Service, Project Management, Financial Services and hundreds of other topics to engage your employees and empower your workforce!

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